Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

File #1: Forced Transfer

By Setsuna F. Darkness

Long Story Short, I ended up here because MySpace sucks.

For a company that makes a crapload of money off of stupid web adverts, you would think that Tom Anderson and his cronies would invest into reliable software that doesn't shit the bed or even worse, crash the users web browser when they're trying to log onto their money-making social-network-site. But that's what happened.

I was going to edit another one of my craptastic blogs on Crapspace when the Home Page crashed both the Mozilla and Internet Explorer browsers repeatedly.

Naturally, I said screw it and decided to pack my "bags" and make the switch to Blogger.

So while I'm raging, for those of you who are into reading crap, I shovel it in spades.

Long Story Short (again), I'm a guy from Philly, so every once and a while, you'll get a story about the happenings in the Kill-A-Delph, or a rant about how "wonderful" it is.. But I'm also a anime nerd, /M/echa anime to be exact, so expect a lot of that stuff too, and some music and vids from time to time.

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