Monday, July 21, 2008

File #3: A Tree Grows on West Market

SEPTA Market Frankford Line M-4 Railcars approaching the newly rebuilt Millbourne Station in Millbourne, PA. (Bob Vogel, Photo)

Last night I took a walk along Market Street in West Philly from 69rd to 40th Streets to see the results of the construction from the Market Street Elevated Reconstruction Project (MSERP).
What is that?

While I was stoked by the progress of project, I was more impressed by something much more rewarding.

The MSERP has been been a very hotblooded issue to residents in West Philly mainly due to many businesses along Market Street loosing swaths of money and the neighboorhood going to shit (well... even shittier) from the toll of the epic scale of reconstruction of the Market-Frankford line in the neighborhood.

But for the first time, I saw recovery. Businesses are starting to reopen, and a few existing ones have been remodeled. However It will be a long time before the corridor can make a fully recovery, and the likelyhood of it remains yet to be seen.

But for now, seeing freshly planted trees at 60th & Market is a good sign of a future that is coming.

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