Thursday, July 24, 2008

File #6: Smackdown in the ZBA, Part 1

In an ongoing story, Lawyers from Information Technology firm Unisys met with the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment to make their case to hang their logo in bright red letters onto Two Liberty Place yesterday.

Taking over 2 hours, Lawyers from Unisys made their argument about the benefits of having thier logo displayed on the skyscraper.

The ZBA has scheduled a meeting for the opposition to make their case against the sign in September. Notable opponents include:
The Center City Residents Association, Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight (SCRUB), Two Liberty Place residents Tom Knox and Richie Sambora and the archeitect of the building Helmut Jahn.

Butthurt Unisys is threatening to walk out of the deal if it falls through.

Yeah, like we wanted you in the first place.

For a first hand look on how a Skyscraper not designed for a sign looks like with one added on, check out the US Steel Tower in Pittsburgh and see how lovely that turned out.

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