Wednesday, August 20, 2008

File #18: Swan Song For Fumo

To update on a story that I haven't done in a while, Vince Fumo is going down.

Next month (Sept. 8th to be exact) is the official start of what will appear to be a long circle-jerk of a trial to bring down the most powerful PA State Senator in history.

So far, two computer aids have plead guilty, testifying that they were ordered by Fumo to purge computer records. Said records were the ones which lead the FBI and the IRS to investigate Fumo.

Meanwhile, Fumo is still doing his job, flip-flopping against the Casino issue and basically getting involved in any PA vs. Philly legal herp-a-derp. I guess when he gets makes his statement during sentencing (if he gets acquitted, I will drink my own pee), he'll want a fresh full list of good deeds that he made for his constituents recently in a attempt to keep his stay in Club Fed as short as possible. That is, he doesn't croak before then. Honestly, I don't see him seeing a day in jail.


Anonymous said...

I had the unfortunate experience of working for as Reader's Digest called him "Possibly the most corrupt politician in America's history". I, having worked for a decade for the one who claims innocence would have to say that by comparison, it is a mild statement as a witness to some of the things he engineered and gained from it. If you needed the job (which I did - I can honestly say I never received a bonus, only the permaent loss of my physical health and a huge distrust for Politicians, among many other things.) The 24/7 on call unpaid overtime, involuntary campaigning all over the state or the falsification of his personal requests for reimbursements from the State. For those who chose to participate in his quest for the ultimate personal and political gain he not only demanded by his staff (as I said earlier, those who received those nice big bonuses were only too happy to oblige him) but by the thousands of his own constituents, so-called friends and the taxpayers of this State he "allegedly lied to, stole from and used to get exactly what he wanted - and he didn't have to dig into his own pockets for it, yes that's right, he used "OPM". Did he have the same need to feel the rush that I am sure the Masters of the Plantations down south felt when they had complete control over their slaves and the families of those slaves. Maybe, if we are lucky, he will get a taste of those handcuffs and shackles and see what the rest of the world has to deal with when they break the law. He will never know what working for him has cost me and my family, nor will he ever acknowledge it and he certainly has probably never even given it a thought. His thought process starts with VJF and ends with VJF! I think I saw him visibly shaken when he accidently picked up a phone call from his girlfriend and it was actually his wife. With only one letter difference, it must have been one of the few honest mistakes he's probably ever made.

Anonymous said...

I guess the big day is only 3 days away for the dishonerable Mr. Fumo. There have been a couple of others besides the 2 computer guys, one of them is Howard Cain of Venture Analysis. A one man operation who Fumo had on the payroll. Venture Analysis was a political consultant agency owned and run by Howard Cain, but it appears Fumo called all of the shots. I doubt if Mr. Cain would have come clean, but he is a family man and the IRS was going to get him for not having paid taxes for almost 8 or 9 years according to the media. Hopefully, anyone who knows Fumo will roll over on them will come forth within the next few days. Fumo will not go to jail alone, if he must go, I'm sure he will take down anyone he can with him. He would be the last person I would go to prison for, but he does have those "political loyalists" that in his own words will do whatever it takes for the good of Philadelphia and the state of PA. More like for the good of the former Senator and Democratic Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. If they discovered $3.5million defrauded in the course of their 4-5 year investigation, how much do you think he's defrauded over his 30 year career in the same position? Let's hope justice for all is served with this case. This is too much like the corrupt Senator from Alaska, maybe they traded tips!