Friday, August 29, 2008

File #20: The Dub of The Rebellion


While Johnny Yong Bosch (the second Black Ranger!) doesn't have Jun Fukuyama's range of FABULOUS, he still does a hell of a job as Lelouch. His interpretation plays up the mischief of the role while making him sound more... manly. Thankfully Lloyd's VA makes up for it with TWICE THE FABULOUS!

Yuri Lowenthal does a great job retaining Suzaku's lovable dopiness from Season 1.

C.C. doesn't sound quite so right, Kallen's dere dere is good, but verdict is the waiting on the Tsun Tsun part. Plus she gets some of the clunkiest lines I've heard ("I'll show you what this badass mother can do!") this side of a newer anime.

Mao, Clovis, Lloyd and Rivalz are pure win. And Christian Freeman is wonderfully smooth and pompous as jerkass Jeremiah a.k.a. "Orange-Kun" Gottwald.

The only one who really sounded a little "off" was Steven Blum as Touhdo. A rare miss for him.

When I first saw the trailer, I was a little put off by the voices. But now I'm glad the actors are doing this entertaining series with justice.


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