Tuesday, September 9, 2008

File # 22: Wielding the Hammer of Destruction

A few years ago, SEPTA, the transit agency in Philly, began installing video cameras on the subway cars of the Broad Street Line as a measure to "deter crime", or a least give an excuse to defend themselves when they are questioned as to why Transit Police aren't patrolling the trains more often.

I've always wondered if they were operational. Well today, I no longer have to wonder about that.

On Monday afternoon, a seemingly normal man walked with his child on board the Subway at City Hall station. Minutes later, he was going "THIS IS SPARTAAAA" on some innocent 20 year old and started wailing him with a hammer like he had the power of Thor. Then he took his kid and left. The scariest part is this can happen to ANYONE. And he's at large.


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