Wednesday, September 10, 2008

File # 23: Aint No Love in This Park

So I was in Love Park Sunday night, when a fight broke out between a group of wild animals-- I mean teenagers from North Philly. One kid had a knife and another one hurled a cigarette butt holder at him. I eventually left for my own safety.

But it got me thinking. Love Park is in line sight to City Hall. How does Nutter not notice how filthy it is? Between the Skateboarders, the homeless and the Be-Be's kids who trash that park and the murder that happened a month ago, when is someone gonna clean this park up and enforce it?

Do I have to wait for a white tourist to get slain on the Love Fountain and a pre-packaged angry Michael Nutter speech before the park gets cleaned up and the rules get enforced? This crap wouldn't fly with the rich people at Rittenhouse, so why should it pass here?

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